HIT LIST- 10 Most Musical Cities

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HIT LIST- 10 Most Musical Cities

Here at Woozik, we LOVE Music. We also love travel, and the Summer is our favorite time to travel and explore fun, new and exciting places. As major music lovers, we thought it would be fun to list the top ten most musical cities in the States.

We hope this list helps you find the best new City to travel to this summer with your music loving family and friends!

1.New Orleans, LA

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, so of course it's landed at #1 on our list of musical cities.
You'll hear music day to night on the streets of this town, from jazz clubs, to street musicians to funeral bands. 
Explore New Orleans' historic jazz scene at  Bourbon and Frenchman Street's legendary establishments such as Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro, Blue Nile, and Palm Court Jazz Cafe. Plan your visit to one of America's most musical cities around Jazz Fest, held every spring for a weekend long festival featuring artists of all different genres!

2. Memphis, TN

Elvis Fan? Us too! Make your summer pilgrimage to the birthplace of Rock and Roll and where it's King recorded his very first record at famed Sun Studio.
Make sure to include a trip to Gibson Guitar Factory, and a trip to Graceland, Elvis's home to your trip itinerary.
Not only does Memphis have a rich musical history, it still boasts world class music at venues on Beale Street, like B.B. Kings, Blues City Face, and Young Avenue Deli making it one of the country's best cities for live music.

3. Seattle, WA

Not only is Seattle the birthplace of coffee shop culture, but also (and in some people's opinion more importantly), the birthplace of Grunge making it a major city for music lovers.
Countless bands have come from this rainy city, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, Macklemore, and Alice and the Chains, and it's still launching new indie bands and musicians.
Visit to order a venti at the original Starbucks, and enjoy live music at one of Seattle's many live music venues.

4. Chicago, IL

Chicago is specifically known for the blues, which appeared in the city in the post-World War II era.
The Windy City's most famous names include Muddy Waters, Smashing Pumpkins and Kanye West. Don't forget to check out Chicago's annual Lollapalooza music festival featuring the biggest acts in music year after year making Chicago one of the best music cities.

5.Nashville, TN

Nicknamed "Music City, USA," Nashville is the home to the US's country music scene.

Check out the legendary Grand Ole Opry, a country music and variety show that discovered countless artists including Dolly Parton.
For some of the best live music in the country, head to the  District, this is where you can find many live venues, or see your favorite country music starts at Ryman Auditorium.
Although Nashville may be known for country music, it has also produced singers such as Aerosmith, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, and the Black Keys.

6. New York, NY

You can't list the most musical cities in the country without including New York, the birthplace of musical genres such as hip hop, punk and disco.

The city that never sleeps has countless music venues, ranging from underground music scenes in Brooklyn, to classical music at Lincoln Center or Carnegie Hall, to huge pop stars at Radio City Music Hall.
With a town motto of "If I can make it here, I'll make it anywhere," it's no surprise New York has produced some of the largest acts in musical history, including the Beastie Boys, JZ, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Blondie and The Talking Heads and many, many more.

7. Austin, TX

Austin is the home of famed South By SouthWest music festival, featuring more than 2000 artists each year at 100 venues across the city. The Texas city also hosts Austin City Limits Festival each year including indie rock, hip hop and punk music every year.
Austin has earned the title "Live Music Capital of the World," and you can catch musical acts all over the city at one of over 250 live music venues including the Elephant Room, The Broken Spoke, and Continental Club.

8. Detroit, MI

Detroit is famous for Motown Records, the incredibly successful recording studio that created it's own genre of music created by Berry Gordy. Motown was responsible for launching the careers of the 1960's - 80's most famous artists including The Supremes, Stevie Wonder, The Jackson 5 and Marvin Gaye.

Jazz and blues can still be in Motor City, as can a thriving underground music and dance scene. Detroit is a must when visiting American music cities.

9. Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is known for it's hip hop scene, with launching some of the biggest artists in the genre such as Usher, Outkast, Lil John, and TLC.

With over 300 recording studios, and multiple live music venues, it's no surprise the city is home to indie bands like Mastondon, Manchester Orchestra and the Black Lips.

10. Asheville, NC

Asheville, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, North Carolina, is  America's greatest undiscovered musical city. Visit this city for old-time bluegrass and some of the best live music venues in the country.

Want to join the fun? Drum circle jams are held every Friday night bringing hundreds of people to the city's main square.


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