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How to Choose the Right Speakers

March 22, 2019 0 Comments

How to Choose the Right Speakers

There are so many choices out there when it comes to speakers that to a newbie it might be really confusing. This is how to choose a new speaker that will match your needs without breaking the bank.

Outdoor vs indoor speakers

There are actually two different types of speakers - indoors and outdoors speakers. Often times, the outdoors speakers will be wireless and mostly all-weather resistant. 

One crucial difference between the two is that the outdoor audio is not as simple as taking an indoor speaker outdoors. The two speakers are built completely differently and are not optimized for the same tasks. The quality will be highly impacted - that is why you might need two different speakers if you want to have a great outdoor and indoor musical experience.

Another important distinction between the usual outdoor and indoor speaker is the fact that the outdoor speaker is designed in a way that it can blend in with the outdoors easier - they can be designed to look like rocks, tree stumps, and even flower pots. In this way, you can make your garden look even better at the same time you can get a great sound out of them, it is really the best of all the worlds. So unless you feel like having a speaker looking like a rock inside - you should really opt out of an outdoor speaker for an indoor experience.

Purpose of wireless speakers

Wireless speakers are great if you are thinking about using them at work, during a workout session, or at home. They are great because they have pretty long battery lives, can connect with most if not all technological devices, and have overall great sound quality! Their only downfall is their need to be charged, and sometimes the cheaper ones of the price spectrum might not be giving out the value you might have been expecting.

The right speakers for your home

The right speakers for your home should be the ones that essentially just speak to your soul. You will be using these speakers for your own entertainment and it is important that they have the sound quality that your home deserves.

You need to make sure that you choose the right speakers for your room, and install them accordingly. You need to take in consideration how big the room is that you want to install your brand new speakers; a large, open, and mostly empty living room needs much different gear and speakers than a small to medium sized room that is not as empty.

Another thing you need to keep consideration of is what the room will be used for; is it a living room or a kitchen. You must ensure that the speakers are not a hazard to you, your children, and your pets if you have any of those.

The last thing that you need to consider, is speaker placement. Placing your speakers right behind a vase might not be the smartest idea, neither would it be to put a heavy item on a subwoofer as it will make unnecessary and unpleasant vibrations.

The right speakers for your home, need to meet all of the criteria mentioned previously.

Did someone say party

If you are specifically looking for speakers that will be able to keep any party alive you need to look for speakers that are loud enough and have extra bass. Party speakers should be able to drown out any potential of a serene conversation as much as possible - because after all, it is a party, not a meditation session!

Your party deserves just the best, just like your guests - you would not want to be a bad host by playing a song from your phone or iPod that could definitely use a boost in sound quality.

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