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Meet our July Star - LIMVGE

July 01, 2019 0 Comments

Meet our July Star - LIMVGE


We are celebrating summer by kicking off a brand new montly series featuring our favorite artists and influencers. Our Summer Style Star is a NYC based performance artist going by the name of LIMVGE - (Lee - Maj).

Join us as we follow Lee Maj for the day in Coney Island with her favorite Woozik products for summer. 

We started the day on the boardwalk with the Rockit Play. The Rockit Play is perfect for sharing your music with friends on the beach.

The PLAY is part of the Rockit Boombox series, with unique stylish curving for optimal portability.

    We then tried out the GO Portable Bluetooth Charm.

    The Go Charm is one of our favorite speakers for summer. Lightweight, and easily clipped onto your belt buckle or backpack, the GO Bluetooth speakers can go wherever you are!


    We continued our day on the GO... with the ROCKIT GO. The Rockit Go Bluetooth Portable Speaker is lightweight stylish. Lee Maj was especially into the removable strap.


    Our next stop in Coney Island was the historic THUNDERBOLT Roller Coaster! We might have skipped the actual ride, but we still had a blast testing out the incredible sound quality of the ROCKIT PRO.

    The Rockit Pro Bluetooth enabled boombox has changed the game in affordable high tech speakers. The Pro's 4 inch sub-woofers give off an impressive high-watt, crystal clear sound. Turn any room into a Karaoke disco with LED lights and included microphone!


    Our last stop on was the iconic WONDER WHEEL. There's no better way to celebrate summer than taking ride on a giant ferris wheel. With her, Lee Maj played her favorite tunes with the ROCKIT MINI LED.

    The Rockit Mini is a smaller, more compact version of the original Rockit GO. Don't judge it's sound by it's size, as the MINI definitely delivers!

    Photography @cerdafye




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