Things to Consider When Buying The Best Earphones

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Things to Consider When Buying The Best Earphones

Music is not only a form of art but also a form of entertainment, there are all sorts of devices and peripherals that can help you listen to your music in peace. The most common ways to listen to music are earphones or headphones. Whether you are an earphone or a headphone user, you must be definitively aware of the advantages of choosing the right pair that will suit your very personal needs. As an avid earphone user, I have compiled an informative list of the best earphones available on the market right now depending on their category.


What is exactly the right earphone for you?

This is a question that is harder to cover and explain if you are really unsure of what you are buying these earphones for. Take into consideration if you are an athletic person and what kind of sport you are going to be playing or performing when you will be using the earphones; running, swimming, or maybe even cycling? It is crucial that you determinate this factor early on as to not fall in love with the wrong pair of earphones early on. Perhaps you are looking for special features such as noise isolation or noise canceling attributes for your next and brand new pair of earphones. After you determine these factors out, you’re slowly getting closer to meeting your newest and best earphone pair.


Earphones for sport-related uses

  • Earphones for running

Sweat and water-resistant earphones that have an ergonomic fit for your ears will easily drown out your groaning and breathing whilst running and exercising. Another great trait is the ability of the earphones to stay in place even with body movement and body jerks throughout your morning workout. This is the golden standard for the best earphones for running-related uses; make sure that you keep out an eye out for these traits.


 One of the best earphones for this category would be wireless earphones, the issue with this is that the wireless earphones are usually a little more pricey depending on the brand that you purchase yourself. The biggest advantage of this type of earphones is that you will feel overall more comfortable when you will have to no longer deal with the cables rubbing right on your body and worrying about your phone falling out of your pocket.


The technology is still new so you might be trading comfort out for sound-quality and battery life. If you are on a tight budget, this might not be the best option for you. Unless you are running a marathon or will use these earphones for anything else than running, you would be greatly better off with wireless earphones.


 The second best choice for your running earphones as well, of course, the more traditional earphones as they are usually cheaper and you have a lot more choice when it comes to essentially everything. Just make sure of these few things: secure fit and comfortable fit for long-time wear, decent sound quality, and the ability to hear things beyond your music (you should be able to hear a car coming your way or someone screaming at the very least).


  • Earphones for swimming

The first step of choosing the right earphones for swimming would be to ensure that not only are they water-resistant but also waterproof and explicitly advertised as swimming earphones. The second step of choosing- would be to check if they would be strong enough to remain in their place while you swim.


There are several earphones for swimming out there that are absolutely amazing as they have a wrap-around band that allows a stable and more secure fit. There are other pairs that resemble exactly the more typical earphones that you see in your day-to-day but you must always ensure that they are meant for swimming purposes!


  • Earphones for cycling

Depending on where you usually cycle, you must purchase yourself a pair of earphones that are most importantly going to be safe when you wear it during your promenades. You need to ensure that the earphones; let in all or some of the noise from the outside world beyond your own when you are immersed in your music, what is keeping them in place, if they are sweat-proof, and the quality of the electronic control board to limit the need to look away from the road. These are very important factors to consider whenever you are buying yourself a pair of earphones that will be mostly used for cycling.


Your safety should be your first priority, regardless of the budget. It is easier to ride your bike without earphones than it is to pay for hospital bills! 


Depending on the type of biking you might be doing over time, you might have to also consider purchasing a pair of earphones that is cordless and has Bluetooth. It would be very dangerous for you to feel clumsy or irritated by the cable throughout your ride.


Earphones that have special features

If you are new to quality earphones and headphones, you might find yourself confused about the use of noise isolation and noise canceling features. There are a lot of headphones and earphones alike that claim over and over that they are noise canceling when they are actually noise isolating, which muddles the two even further. They both reduce noise considerably but the difference lays in how they do it and how well.


Noise isolation

 Noise isolation will help you isolate from ambient noise, of course just like everything, some earphones that have this feature are better than others. The way that these technologies work are that there is a good physical barrier between your ears and the ambient noise.


Noise canceling

Noise-canceling uses a technology that involves microphones that listen to the incoming sound and then with the help of some processing there are inverse waves that are then fed back to the earphones. The inverse waves cancel out the offending noise. The best noise-canceling earphones have the ability to make it seem like you are just in a now much quieter place.


Take your credit card out because you’re going shopping for the best earphones of your life!

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