So you've come to the realization that one's cell phone is just as important as one's wallet. You will not go anywhere without it; In some cases, it even serves as your wallet. Technology is really a beautiful thing but, not without it's setbacks. Here are a few examples:


You stepped out of the office, but only now do you get that important phone call with a deal that you were dying to land for weeks. But why are all the cars honking? Is that a construction site? Oh they're drilling! You cant hear your client. After waiting so long to speak to them, do you say "Let me call you back?"...and risk not being able to speak to them again for another week possibly or worse, losing the deal? What do you do? Noise cancelling headphones, that's what.


You're on the subway, next to the guy that's watching a full episode of "Breaking Bad" with the volume turned all the way up; Laughing on queue, commenting out loud. "Nooo! Don't go in there!" Now, its combined with the rattling of the train tracks and the Young Hip Hop Dance group's latest routine with their Bluetooth Speaker blasting words you don't even understand. It's late. It's crowded. What do we do about these people? Noise-cancelling headphones, that's what.


You get home. Ahhhhhh...peace and quiet at last. Your significant other is going on and on about the ill-mannered people at work or how the kids were terrible today or how the boss wants to apply the stupidest rule to everyone at work because that one intern cant control himself. You can't hear the TV, but its now your turn for "Breaking Bad" and you're not even up to the episode that that guy in the train was watching! What now? Noise-Cancelling headphones, that's what.


Time for bed. Your significant other has subscribed to several channels and decides to use the tablet to watch their saved videos right before bed. You're tired of hearing about how to apply primer before eye-shadow and which brush to use for bronzer because you already know since you've only heard it 10,000 times. Do you turn off the tablet and just blurt out "The big one that's angled!?" Do you want to start a fight? No. You hand them your noise-cancelling headphones and have a good night's rest because tomorrow is another struggle.


Okay, we exaggerated a little. Maybe these situations don't all apply to you or maybe none of them; because you're perfect. We hope you enjoyed the laugh but, the point is, whatever the purpose, noise cancelling headphones are a great investment because you never know when you'd need them. We listen to music, watch videos, have conversations and travel with our cell phones everyday and we don't often have a mute button for the world around us. If you've noticed, all of the latest gadgets are designed with convenience in mind, so why not add a little extra? 





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